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May 26, 2005


Vicki Eisenberg

Hank, This is sweet and there is even some truth to it. Vicki

Andy Havens

If this doesn't work out for you, my friend, I have some pals in the New Orleans world of voodun who can throw a hex on you. They'll have another large company screw you over for no apparent reason, and in blatant disregard of all laws of common sense. Then you can write a book about that. It's bound to catch on one of these days.

Bona fortuna.

Eric Eggertson

Good luck, Hank. A book project is always a risk, but that makes life fun, too.

Graham Kelly CEO

Bloody brilliant! Laughed, and LAUGHED till I cried!

sean heeger

Totally cool! Long live the cybergriper!


Good show Hank. You should also take a look at theredcouch too. They are blogging about a book they are writing. This will give you insight on what to blog or not to blog.


Remember, when it is time to thank people, that I was one of the first hundred or so to tell you that your story was so interesting, that you needed to write a book! Good luck with the proposal. I am waiting to see this make The New York Times's Best Sellers list! Go Hank!



I hope the book deal works out for you, and you make millions.

Love the fact that the little guy sticking up for himself actually won one for a change.

Here's to you, kid.



Hey, I'D read it!


What fun!
Try to consciously remember the steps you're taking both with the book and the case. I promise that your current experience will be valuable in the future as you travel life's pathways.
Go man, GO!

Martha Youngblood

Good for you! What I learned is you almost can't defend yourself unless your an attorney, only way you can know what the judges want. I stayed up late last night reading this- I couldn't stop reading. And the part that really made me laugh was when you posted the pictures of those 2 lawyers!!!!!!!
Good for you!!!!!!!!!

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